Avoiding the Metal-Mouth Stereotype: Why Patients Go for Invisalign Braces

Avoiding the Metal-Mouth Stereotype: Why Patients Go for Invisalign Braces
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For years, receiving recommendations from your dentist to straighten your teeth always meant having to visit an orthodontist to get metal braces. This, more often than not, was bothersome for most patients.

Metal braces have to stay on the teeth for more than a couple of years. Patients also dread the countless tightening visits, readjustments and professional cleaning services that come with wearing them. People may initially find it difficult to eat with metal braces on, experiencing pain and discomfort when they chew. ‘Metal-mouth’ was also a common mocking phrase levelled towards those who wore braces, encouraging patients to look for less visible options.

The Rise of Invisalign Braces

Although Invisalign is a fairly new product offered to patients, the concept has been around for quite some time. Align Technology, the creators of Invisalign, was founded in 1997 in San Jose, California. With the patients’ discomfort in mind, Invisalign braces were meant to be an alternative to metal braces.

The dental industry has seen a recent boom in patients requesting Invisalign. For those who consider aesthetics as the most detrimental part of braces, Invisalign solves their problem. An Invisalign package involves getting an impression of the teeth area, which will be used to create near-invisible aligners for patients to swap out every other week.

The Visual Impact of Invisalign

The visibility of traditional braces has been their main drawback. No matter how minor an alignment problem may be, patients are required to wear them unless told otherwise by their orthodontist.

Since Invisalign braces are transparent and designed to fit your teeth well, they are suitable for patients who want a discreet yet comfortable treatment to address alignment issues. Patients may wear them to job interviews, photo shoots and even formal events without calling attention to their teeth. They can even be popped in and out as required.

Comfort When Worn

Another disadvantage of traditional braces is that they hinder patients from eating certain food. The restrictions often included nuts, popcorn, sticky candy, and hard bread. After a hearty meal, it is also a necessity for patients with metal braces to undergo rigorous cleaning with a prescribed toothbrush. Invisalign changes all that.

Invisalign braces are removable and can be left out for up to four hours every day, giving patients the freedom to eat as they please. The detachable feature of Invisalign braces also makes cleaning teeth easier. Patients may brush their teeth and floss thoroughly without worrying about metal obstructions or damaging parts of their braces.

Seeing the Future

Another impressive feature of Invisalign braces is their use of advanced technology to see the results before the patient even begins wearing the aligners. The ClinCheck process is a virtual 3D treatment plan which allows both the patient and the practitioner to get a first look at how the teeth alignment will progress throughout the treatment.

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